• Dedicated since 1991

      • We offer solutions to all the needs of our customers

      • Ecofred was created in 1991 and initially designed and installed industrial refrigeration and climate control facilities. In the year 2000, we built our first clean room at Barcelona's CNM (Centro Nacional de Microelectrónica – National Microelectronics Centre). 

      • Ecofred's mission and market position

        • Ecofred
        • Ecofred
        • Ecofred's experience and market position have led us to pursue a clearly defined goal: to become partners with our clients and provide them with the facilities needed to manufacture, research and develop safe, high-quality, non-pollutant and environment-friendly products.
          Our clean room and critical environment capacity and know-how begin with project design and continue through installation, start-up and subsequent maintenance, providing our clients with one of the most comprehensive, competitive and trustworthy services available on the market.

        • To deliver this service, our team of professionals work tirelessly to:

          • Interpret client requirements.
            Listening and providing ideas to achieve effective results.
          • Define and design the project.
            Designing materials and personnel flows, detail engineering, controlled environment architecture, air control systems, hydraulic circuits, electrical systems, industrial gases and facility monitoring systems.
          • Calculate costs.
            Through site visits, plans and technical reports.
          • Oversee construction and installation.
            Dealing with client suggestions and requirements via work site managers.
          • Start up the facility.
            Performing the tests required to adapt it to client requirements in terms of product-oriented features and operator comfort and safety.
          • Validate the facility.
            Ensuring compliance with pharmaceutical industry GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) and GLPs (Good Laboratory Practices) and ISO standards.
          • Maintain the facility in optimum condition.
            Performing all necessary corrective and preventive maintenance.
        • Continually improving and overcoming obstacles affecting our client's projects
          as we pursue excellence in implementation and operation are our greatest sources of satisfaction.

      • Company quality policy

        • To maintain our position as sector leader and ensure we meet our clients' demands fully, ECO-FRED RUBÍ, S.L. has implemented a Quality Management System compliant with the UNE EN-ISO 9001 and the UNE EN-ISO 14001 standards, in order to obtain an optimum level of quality and satisfy our customers, as well as protect the environment.
          The company's directors have drawn up and applied a policy based on the following commitments:

          • Achieve sustainable corporate development, making the company economically viable, socially beneficial and committed to occupational health and safety and protection of the environment, taking steps to ensure continuous improvement of all our services, processes, management systems and performance.
          • Minimise and control occupational hazards, accidents and incidents in order to prevent damage to goods and personnel and establish a working environment that assures staff health and safety. 
          • Ascertain, measure and analyse client satisfaction and expectations in order to provide high-quality services.
          • Comply with applicable legislation and regulations and fulfil all other commitments made to our clients and suppliers.
          • Inform our suppliers and subcontractors of all applicable quality, environmental and occupational health and safety requirements and demand compliance to assure strict control of incidents at source.
          • Develop and promote training, information, participation and awareness-raising activities for all staff at ECO-FRED RUBÍ, S.L. to create a highly skilled workforce that makes an active contribution to the management system, helps reduce non-conformities and continuously improves the system's effectiveness.
        • This policy is mandatory for all ECO-FRED RUBÍ, S.L. staff and provides a framework for corporate targets and goals. Allocation of the resources required to meet these commitments is the responsibility of the company's directors.
          The directors of ECO-FRED RUBÍ, S.L. are responsible for ensuring all company staff are aware of this policy, which is displayed in visible locations and available to all on request.

          Approved by management
          November 23, 2016

      • Certifications and qualifications

        • Título de la imagen
        • UNE EN-ISO 14001 for clean room design,      construction and maintenance.

        • Certificado ISO
        • UNE EN-ISO 9001 for clean room design, construction and maintenance.

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        • UNE EN-ISO 45001 for cleanroom dessign, execution, validation and maintenance.

      • UUNE EN-ISO 45001 for clean room design, construction and maintenance.

        • Classification for work recruitment to Government Public Departments:
          Group    Subgroup    Category
          C                  09                   D
          J                   02                   E
          I                    09                   E

        • Classification for service recruitment to Government Public Departments:
          Group    Subgroup    Category
          P                    01                A
          P                    02                A
          P                    03                A

        • Certificates issued by the Regional Ministry of Industry:

          • Refrigeration systems (installation, maintenance and repair).
          • Building heating systems (installation, maintenance and repair).
          • Gas systems (installation).
          • Electrical and telecommunications systems (installation).
          • Water systems (installation).
          • Petrochemical facilities.
          • High-pressure systems.